8 x 8” Geode Art in Navy/White/Silver
8 x 8” Geode Art in Navy/White/Silver
8 x 8” Geode Art in Navy/White/Silver
8 x 8” Geode Art in Navy/White/Silver

8 x 8” Geode Art in Navy/White/Silver

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Small yet bold, this modern piece gives character to its surrounding space with its gorgeous colors, texture, and glossy shine. Displayed within the glass are 3 Brazilian quartz crystal points known to amplify energy and bring balance and clarity, along with a mini blue agate slice that compliments the blue tones within the piece.



Size: 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches, plus the height of the glass and quartz crystals.

Materials: high-quality epoxy resin, glass, pigment powders, glitter, and quartz crystals on premium artist-quality cradled birch wood panel.

Hardware and stand: not included but may be added for an additional cost of $5. Simply message us by using the contact form below so that the price may be adjusted for you.

Every piece of art is handmade and handled with care to provide the highest quality possible. There are several textured mediums used to create the pieces, which can create bumps or grooves. Some art pieces may have minor imperfections on the surface, such as microbubbles or tiny particles that make their way into the resin during the curing process. In addition, please note that screen resolutions may vary, and there may be a slight color difference in person than in the pictures. 



Some art pieces are created using fireglass and crushed glass. Even though the glass will not cause injury, it is important to handle your piece with care. Protective gloves are recommended for customers with very sensitive skin.

When cleaning, use a microfiber cloth and Windex or a gentle glass cleaner to avoid scratches. To remove dust from textured areas, you may use a compressed air duster.

Avoid placing your artwork in direct sunlight; UV rays may cause your piece to yellow over time.

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