30.25” x 25” Geode Sculpture
30.25” x 25” Geode Sculpture

30.25” x 25” Geode Sculpture

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Ignite your space with captivating Freeform Geode Art that transforms.


Features a variety of unique textures and forty Brazilian quartz crystal points.

Dimensions: 30.25" in height by 25" in width plus the height of crystals.

Products: high-quality epoxy resin, high-quality pigment powders, glitter, glass, texture, and gold foil.

Hardware included

As a solo artist, I take tremendous pride in the meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail that are infused into each and every piece of art created at my studio. With utmost care, I personally handcraft each artwork to ensure the highest quality standards are met. It's important to acknowledge that, given the inherent nature of the artistic process, there may be minor imperfections on the surface, such as fine bubbles, ripples, or tiny particles that occasionally occur during the resin curing process. Additionally, I utilize various textured mediums, which can introduce subtle bumps or grooves, enhancing the distinct character of my creations. Furthermore, I want to highlight that screen resolutions may differ, resulting in a slight variation in color perception between the actual artwork and the images displayed online. Your understanding is greatly appreciated, and I want to assure you that my commitment remains steadfast in delivering artwork of the utmost quality to all my esteemed patrons.


For those who wish to transform a geode into a stunning table, we are delighted to offer this service. To discuss this personalized option further and explore the associated pricing, we kindly invite you to reach out to us through the "Contact us" form located at the bottom of our website. We eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in bringing your vision to life.


Certain art pieces incorporate fireglass and crushed glass in their creation. While these glass components do not pose a safety risk, handling your artwork with care is imperative.

When cleaning your piece, we recommend using a microfiber cloth and a mild glass cleaner like Windex to prevent any potential scratches. Additionally, a compressed air duster can effectively remove dust from textured areas.

To preserve the quality of your artwork, please refrain from exposing it to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure may cause yellowing of the epoxy resin over time, particularly on light-colored pigments, due to UV ray exposure.

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